⚒ 6.4.1 [ Released 01.16.18 ]


Download Settings: Things were unintentionally defaulting to 900px instead of "Original Size." We've fixed that in the this quick patch and all is well with the world 👌

📸 6.4.0 [ Released 01.15.18 ]

New Features

🎉 Dashboard Image Sorting

One of our most popular feature requests is now here!

After uploading photos to CloudSpot you can sort and organize your images however you'd like - just click "Apply" when you're done and your sorting will go live to any related client galleries!

In addition to custom sorting, you can also now sort your photos based off a number of elements including capture time, date uploaded, and filename 👍

Customize Digital Product Names

You can now modify the name of any new or existing Digital Product in your Catalogs to better describe things for your clients.

💪 6.3.1 [ Released 12.12.17 ]

New Updates

Pause Event Uploads

Need to free up some bandwidth or move from one Starbucks to another but you're mid-upload? No worries! You can now pause an upload and resume at your convenience 😻

Uninterrupted Uploads

CloudSpot now prevents your system from "sleeping" while there are active uploads taking place (which used to stop the upload). You can sleep while you upload, but your computer won't 😴

📣 6.3.0 [ Released 12.9.17 ]

New Updates

🏎 Windows App Performance

There was a significant lag time when PC users would click to open the desktop application. This has been fixed for all our PC photogs!

Need to download the latest version? You can get it here: http://cloudspot.io/download

👀 Hide/Show Filenames in Galleries

We've added the option to hide filenames in your galleries. By default this is turned "ON" but you can change that in the Access tab of your gallery settings 👍

💰 Store > Taxes

You are now able to set tax rates up to three decimal points. You're welcome, New York! 😘

Quickly Add/Remove All Options for Gallery Folders

New buttons were added in the online gallery settings which now allow you to Hide/Show all folders at once. No more endless clicking/dragging.


  • For a few different nerdy reasons it was not possible to update the price of a digital product (oops). Now it works!

  • When the cover focal point setting was not modified (just saved as-is) it was not saving appropriately.

🛠 6.2.1 [ Released 10.5.17 ]

Behind the scenes bug fixes and a few improvements to the retry logic for failed image uploads

6.2.0 [ Released 9.19.17 ]

MAJOR speed enhancements to Event uploads! 🚀

🚧 6.1.2 [ Released 9.15.17 ]

Small bug fixes behind the scenes. Nothing to see here. Move along.

🏗 6.1.0 [ Released 9.06.17 ]

This update contains significant loading speed and performance enhancements for users with over 500 Events on their CloudSpot dashboard. Things are zooming now! 🏎

6.0.0 [ Released 8.30.17 ]

New! Digital Sales

You can now sell digital downloads to your customers, just like any other product. New options in the Store Products section allow you to add digital downloads to any catalog. Choose the resolution of the download, and whether to sell a single image or the entire gallery. Download links will be generated and sent automatically to your customers. It's a fast, simple way to give your customers what they want in a digital world. See our pricing page for details about commission fees on digital sales.

Changes to Free plans

  • Users on the Free plan will no longer be allowed to watermark images.

  • The gallery cover page will show a small "Powered by CloudSpot" message on the gallery homepage.

If you're a busy pro, and you want to have full control over your brand presence, maybe it's time to look into upgrading your plan?


  • We now properly set the reply-to field for emails sent to photographers through the email link in online galleries

5.0.1 [ Released 8.16.17 ]


Broken help links in step one of the share dialog sequence

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