6.0.0 [ Released 8.30.17 ]

New! Digital Sales

You can now sell digital downloads to your customers, just like any other product. New options in the Store Products section allow you to add digital downloads to any catalog. Choose the resolution of the download, and whether to sell a single image or the entire gallery. Download links will be generated and sent automatically to your customers. It's a fast, simple way to give your customers what they want in a digital world. See our pricing page for details about commission fees on digital sales.

Changes to Free plans

  • Users on the Free plan will no longer be allowed to watermark images.

  • The gallery cover page will show a small "Powered by CloudSpot" message on the gallery homepage.

If you're a busy pro, and you want to have full control over your brand presence, maybe it's time to look into upgrading your plan?


  • We now properly set the reply-to field for emails sent to photographers through the email link in online galleries