📣 6.3.0 [ Released 12.9.17 ]

New Updates

🏎 Windows App Performance

There was a significant lag time when PC users would click to open the desktop application. This has been fixed for all our PC photogs!

Need to download the latest version? You can get it here: http://cloudspot.io/download

👀 Hide/Show Filenames in Galleries

We've added the option to hide filenames in your galleries. By default this is turned "ON" but you can change that in the Access tab of your gallery settings 👍

💰 Store > Taxes

You are now able to set tax rates up to three decimal points. You're welcome, New York! 😘

Quickly Add/Remove All Options for Gallery Folders

New buttons were added in the online gallery settings which now allow you to Hide/Show all folders at once. No more endless clicking/dragging.


  • For a few different nerdy reasons it was not possible to update the price of a digital product (oops). Now it works!

  • When the cover focal point setting was not modified (just saved as-is) it was not saving appropriately.