😍 7.0.6 [ Released 03.20.18 ]

Your New Client Gallery Experience is Here!


We've taken things to another level when it comes to the experience your clients are going to have in their gallery!

Here are just some of the new things we know you're going to love!


  • 7 New Gallery Cover Designs: You now have more options to match your unique style in your client galleries. You can choose your cover design in the new Covers section added to your Gallery Settings and get a live preview of what it will look like on web or mobile devices!

Screenshot 2018-03-09 18.08.51.png

  • Set Unique Cover Images For Every Gallery: When creating multiple galleries within an Event you can now set a unique image for each and every gallery! Organizing multiple shoots for the same client is now possible within the same Event!

Screen Recording 2018-03-09 at 06.11 PM.gif

  • Adjust Cover Focal Point: There is now more control in the new Covers section of your Gallery settings to get that cover photo positioned juuuuust right! Just click and drag for the perfect fit based on the cover design you choose 💪🏼

Screenshot 2018-03-09 18.18.23.png

  • Clients Can Share Favorites: Your clients can now mark their favorite photos and share a link to anyone directly to those images via email, SMS text, or copy the direct link.

Screenshot 2018-03-09 18.19.38.png

  • Alert Photographer of Favorites: Once clients are finished selecting their favorited photos, they can now instantly alert you and add a custom message! You'll receive an email notification right away 👍



  • SMS Sharing: Clients can now share a single image, just their favorited photos, or the entire gallery directly via text on any mobile device!


  • Easier Mobile Downloads: We've added an icon on mobile devices to indicate that you have allowed downloads within the gallery. Clients can now easily save an image to their device at whatever size you allow.

  • Slideshow Feature: At the tap of a button, your clients can start a beautiful slideshow that advances through your gallery images.

  • Easier Folder Navigation: Gallery folders/categories are no longer hidden in a dropdown menu. They are easily accessible and will scroll immediately to that section in the gallery.

  • Image Filenames Visible: The image filename is now visible when you hover over the image in the gallery. You no longer need to click on the photo to see the name. To disable filename display, you can toggle that OFF in your gallery settings.

  • Home Page Search: We've added a handy search feature to your Home Page so clients (or you) can quickly jump to any gallery - no more scrolling for dayzzz.


  • New Download Page Design: We've updated the design of the page your clients will see when they click on a "Download Now" link in your CloudSpot emails.

  • Gallery Loading & Lightbox Speed Enhancements: Things should just generally feel faster and more responsive on any device. 🏎💨

Other updates

  • Store > Discount Codes: The "Max # of uses" setting for discount codes is now on a per-gallery basis and no longer is applied across all galleries. This allows you to create one discount code to give to all clients and not have to create unique codes for each!

  • Store Activity Section: We've removed this to make way for new things coming soon!

We are so excited to bring these and even MORE updates to your client galleries soon - we hope you enjoy! 🙌