📣 8.1.1 [ Released 06.01.18 ]

We've been blown away by all of the amazing feedback from our Community since launching the huge CloudSpot redesign last week!

In the spirit of keeping that love-fest rolling, we've got another update with additional improvements, optimizations, and a some bug fixes coming your way in today's update ⚒

Selected State Added to Folder Sorting

We've removed the guesswork as to what sorting option you've selected for a given folder ✅

Screenshot 2018-06-01 10.10.15.png

Enabling Discount Codes in a Gallery is Separated from Discount Code Restrictions

The previous interface was confusing, so we've now created two separate sections for these settings. One turns all Discount Codes on/off and the other section allows you to enable and limit usage to only specific codes in a gallery.

Screenshot 2018-06-01 10.10.45.png

Getting Started Screen Added to the Store

We've added a quick start guide to your Store section to help you get up and rolling with your gallery sales 💰

Screenshot 2018-06-01 10.14.27.png

Bug Obituaries ☠️

  • When sorting images in a folder, you can now drag and scroll further down the page in one action.
  • Sending to similar (but different/shorter) email addresses no longer assumes the incorrect recipient. (ex. [email protected] vs. [email protected] )
  • Deleting one or more images in a folder no longer jumps you to the top of that folder.
  • Connecting a Stripe account is no longer required to complete the Store section of the Getting Started helper.
  • There is no longer a delay in Cover images appearing after you sort Events.
  • Better feedback when you drag images/folders over a drop target for upload
  • Gallery accent colors now default to a dark gray and white is no longer an option as an accent color. (to prevent important buttons from being hidden in the gallery)
  • Duplicate Event names are now allowed.